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Why Portable Toilets?

Ask yourself this question?

When attending a festival, event or other outdoor activity, do you enjoy using the portable toilets provided? You probably answered "NO". The American public has become satisfied with the standard porta potty because they have been lead to believe that there is no other alternative. However, there is an option. Real portable toilets with running water and better sanitary conditions are available to festival coordinators and event planners. Be sure to demand real restrooms.

Are you ready for a change?

With numerous laws and regulations going into organizing a festival these days, many event coordinators have a hard time keeping track of the guidelines for sanitary conditions. Its amazing that the portable toilet is the only thing that seems to fall by the waste side and has not changed in more than fifty years. The solution is clean, fully functioning portable toilets which festival goers demand.

Real Portable Toilets?

There is such a thing as executive portable toilets, and they are not your typical porta potty. These are real fully functioning toilets just like the ones you have in your own homes. They have flushing toilets, sinks with running water, vanities with mirrors and are climate controlled. See for yourself and experience the difference a real bathroom makes at your next event.

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